Con-Way Truckload gets rolling

Memphis, TN-based Con-Way Truckload (CTL), a new subsidiary formed by Ann Arbor, MI-based LTL conglomerate Con-Way Transportation Services, officially opened its doors for business this week.

The carrier is fielding a fleet of 46 Volvo model VN670 tractors, 115 53-foot trailers, and 23 two-person driver teams.

Douglas Stotlar, Con-Way’s president & CEO said that initially CTL’s only customers would be Con-Way’s three regional LTL companies – Con-Way Central Express, Con-Way Southern Express and Con-Way Western Express. CTL will provide linehaul service on full loads of LTL shipments moving in transcontinental traffic lanes -- absorbing the growth in the long- haul portion of those LTL operations, which currently is above 10% annually, he said.

“We expect the use of Con-Way Truckload will generate savings on LTL linehaul costs, but our primary focus is to ensure our LTL service standards in these longhaul lanes are met,” Stotlar stressed. “The CTL operations will operate in tandem with our current truckload vendors, giving us more assurance of truckload capacity in the tight truckload market that currently exists.”

Clay Halla, CTL’s president, added that as it builds fleet capacity, CTL plans to eventually be able to provide truckload service directly to the shipping public.

“We will begin operations with several advantages a normal startup operation would not have,” he noted. “Three very big customers, 'no touch loads' for our drivers, existing Con-Way service centers, maintenance shops, professional mechanics and security personnel in addition to existing administrative support services.”

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