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Commercial Vehicle Output Rises in February

In February 2001, commercial vehicle production exceeded the previous year’s volume by 1%. While production in the weight category up to 6 tons was expanded by 6%, the manufacture of commercial vehicles above 6 tons fell by 5%. At the same time, 15% fewer buses were made. Once an adjustment is made for the number of days worked—20 working days in February 2001 against 21 in the previous month—commercial vehicle production was 6% higher than a year ago. In the year to date, commercial vehicle output rose 11%.

Commercial vehicle exports climbed 8% to 23,900 units in February 2001. Growth was achieved both in the commercial vehicle segments up to and above 6 tons and above 6 tons (7% and 12%, respectively). Yet foreign sales of buses fell 15%. Adjusted by the “lost” working day, German commercial vehicle makers shipped 4% more vehicles abroad than a year ago. Up to and including February 2001, the previous year’s export result was surpassed by 14%.

In February 2001, commercial vehicle sales dropped 10% to 20,800 units. When seasonal factors are considered, the previous month’s result was surpassed by 3%. Since the start of 2001, the registration volume has fallen 3% short of the comparable result for 2000.

Total orders taken in February 2001 were 6% less than the previous year’s volume. Domestic orders fell 29%, while orders placed by foreign customers were up 10%. Since January 2001, German commercial vehicle makers have registered an 8% hike in orders.

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