Commercial Vehicle Group revises company website

Commercial Vehicle Group Inc has launched a new version of the company's website.

The new site's design features more ways for distributors, retail, and aftermarket customers and original equipment manufacturer representatives to research information about CVG products and interact with the company.

This website ( has a more user-friendly design to better showcase and market products and provide users with convenient access to information that includes product specifications, distributor information, high-resolution product images, corporate videos, and other information. The site also includes expanded descriptions of CVG's processes and research and development capabilities, including the Thermal and Acoustical Laboratory, six-axis testing resources, heavy-truck driving simulator, reverse engineering and rapid prototyping facilities, and biomechanics and human factors capabilities.

The new web design makes it easier for viewers to access information they need. It also has a more open feel and offers additional information about the company, including the latest product releases, product specifications, contact information and more ways for customers and distributors to follow CVG via Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

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