Commercial truck sales surge in April

Sales of the types of trucks typically used for commercial applications were up sharply in April, according to figures compiled by Ward's Communications.

Trucks with gross vehicle weight ratings greater than 10,000 pounds were up 29% compared with those of April 2004. Truck dealers combined to sell 57,040 trucks in Classes 3-8 during the month, compared with 44,169 that were sold in April 2004.

Class 3 trucks (GVW ratings of 10,001-14,000 pounds) led the way with an 82% increase. Sales totaled 14,.396 trucks in April, compared with 7,913 a year earlier.

Class 5 trucks also were off to a fast start. The 4,331 trucks that dealers sold during the month were up 33% from year-earlier levels. Class 7 and 8 trucks were right behind with a 24% increase.

Class 4 and Class 6 trucks were the only medium-duty trucks selling below year-earlier levels. Sales for these two GVW classes were down 1% and 3,%, respectively.

Total truck sales were up 2%, from 811,617 a year ago to 827,391 this April.

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