Commercial truck sales surge 27% in May

Sales of the types of trucks typically used for commercial applications were up 27% in May, according to figures compiled by Ward's Communications.

Trucks with gross vehicle weight ratings greater than 10,000 pounds were up 27% compared with those of May 2004. Truck dealers combined to sell 55,416 trucks in Classes 3-8 during the month, compared with 43,788 that were sold in April 2004.

Class 3 trucks (GVW ratings of 10,001-14,000 pounds) led the way with a 69% increase. Sales totaled 13,875 trucks in May, compared with 8,189 a year earlier.

Class 5 trucks also were off to a fast start. The 4,813 trucks that dealers sold during the month were up 37% from year-earlier levels. Class 8 and 7 trucks were right behind with increases of 30% and 16%, respectively.

Class 6 and Class 4 trucks were the only medium-duty trucks selling below year-earlier levels. Sales for these two GVW classes were down 18% and 0.1%, respectively.

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