Commercial truck sales stay hot in May

Retail truck sales remained strong in May, at least those with gross vehicle weight ratings above 10,000 pounds.

According to figures compiled by Wards Communications, dealers sold 62,888 trucks with GVW ratings above 10,000 pounds, up 13% from May 2005.

By contrast, overall truck sales fell short of last year’s mark, thanks to a 4% slip in Class 1 trucks (GVW ratings below 6,000 pounds) and a 14% decline in Class 2 sales (6,001-10,000 pounds GVWR).

As expected, heavier trucks that are powered exclusively by diesel engines were the industry’s hottest segment as fleets continued to buy trucks ahead of the January 1 effective date for the more expensive diesels that comply with EPA’s tighter emissions regulations.

Every GVW class above 10,000 pounds topped year-earlier sakes levels during May. Here is how each class performed during the month:

Class 1, 546,950 trucks sold, down 4%.

Class 2, 191,669 trucks sold, down 14%.

Class 3, 14,114 trucks sold, up 2%.

Class 4, 4,501 trucks sold, up 8%.

Class 5, 5,523 trucks sold, up 15%.

Class 6, 5,924 trucks sold, up 22%.

Class 7, 7,677 trucks sold, up 14%.

Class 8, 25,149 trucks sold, up 20%.

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