Comeq Begins Distributing New Bending Roll Line

Comeq has begun distributing a new three-roll initial pinch line of bending rolls. This new offering features hydraulically powered rear bending roll adjustment and hydraulic drop end as standard features. In addition, an electronic digital readout displaying the position of the rear bending roll is also standard.

These machines come in lengths of 4', 5', 6', and 8', with capacities from 14 gauge to 1/4". Cone bending is facilitated by the standard cone bending attachment and the power tilting of the rear roll. Rolls are hardened to 45 Rc, so scarring of the rolls during cone rolling is virtually eliminated.

These machines feature rapid gap setting of the lower pinch roll. By inserting a small piece of material of the thickness to be rolled into a gap-setting device next to the control console, the device will automatically stop the elevating of the powered pinch roll when the thickness gap is correct. The user can have a set of small thickness templates that can be used to speed up setup of the next rolling job.

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