Collision Warning Systems Prove Effective

After more than three years of collecting data on more than 1,900 vehicles, results indicate that vehicles equipped with Eaton VORAD EVT-300 collision warning system (CWS) are far safer than those without the system, and VORAD has more than 1.5 billion miles of on-road experience to prove it.

Lee McCleery, VORAD national sales manager, said, "We saw an overall reduction of accidents of 78%. On top of that, six fleets that were monitored reported 100% reductions."

Other highlights of the data, which covered eight fleets in various applications, include:

- One fleet cut rear-end and lane-change accidents from 0.33 per million miles traveled to zero.

- Another fleet reduced fixed-object accidents by 81%.

- A third fleet reduced lane change accidents by 80% in 1998. The next year, that number was reduced by 76%.

- Another fleet with VORAD-equipped trucks was involved in 14 rear-end and lane-change accidents in 1999 versus the firm's non-VORAD units that were involved in 264 similar incidents.

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