Collision repair industry enjoys rapid growth

Total sales by collision repair shops increased 19.7% since 1997 to $33.9 billion, according to Collision Repair Trends: Industry Statistics and Analysis, released by the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association (AAIA).

The study also found that collision repair shops remain PBE jobbers' largest group of customers. In 2001, PBE jobbers' sales declined 3.4% to $2.8 billion. However, PBE jobbers' sales are forecast to expand in 2002.

Combining the latest data from original AAIA research, government sources, and independent research suppliers, the study captures the size and scope of the collision repair industry and the paint and body equipment market in the United States. It examines trends in the factors that drive business, including rates of collision repair, miles driven, number of collision repair shops, and the vehicle population.

This study is available to AAIA members for $75; non-members can purchase the study for $150. For more information, visit or phone 301-654-6664.

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