Cole Hersee provides LED Rocker Switch

Cole Hersee Company introduces its newly engineered LED Rocker Switch for trucking applications. Engineered with safety as a priority, this low-current-input membrane switch is compatible with microprocessor-based electrical/electronic systems and offers high visibility and durability, no matter the time of day or weather condition.

With the LED Rocker Switch, the wide, wrap-around green and yellow lenses are working parts of the actuator, rather than being separate components inserted into the actuator. This significantly increases the chance of seeing the illumination when viewed from an oblique angle, from a distance, or in the bright sunlight while decreasing accident risks for on-site areas.

Cole Hersee has ensured that the LED Rocker Switch meets the IP66 standard, the highest level of dust and high-pressure water resistance. To meet this standard, the switch underwent a series of tests in which no ingress of dust or water occurred, making it suitable for essentially all adverse conditions.

Materials used in creating the LED Rocker Switch include silver contacts and nickel-plated brass blades. The high electrical conductivity and the arc-resistant nature of silver add years to the lifespan. Nickel-plated brass plates are corrosion-resistant and provide a superior electrical contact. Long-lasting LED bulbs are also used to prevent bulbs needing replacement. This switch will conveniently snap into standard panel holes, and through custom order, pilot lights for 24-volt switches are provided.

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