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Cold saw cuts using push-button control

The Model F315SX Falcon semiautomatic cold saw from Wilton Machinery cuts low- and high-carbon steels, medium-gauge tubes, and profiles. It is no longer necessary to pull down on a handle to move the blade through a piece being cut. On semiautomatic models, the head descends and retracts automatically by pressing a button.

The operator sets the saw head at the height of the cut and presses a button on the control panel to memorize the location. The saw head will operate within these settings until reset. This design allows the head to travel only the distance needed to complete the cut.

The gear box design uses hardened and ground gears combined with a worm screw mounted on a pair of bushings running in an oil bath. This results in less heat, higher efficiency, greater cutting power, and longer drivetrain life.

An enclosed blade guard meets all safety guidelines. The-safety electrical package includes thermal overload protection with magnetic starter, safety spring-loaded 24-volt trigger switch, emergency stop button, and safety interlock on the electrical box that cuts off all power when the box is open.

For more information, contact Wilton Machinery, 300 S Hicks Road, Palatine IL 60067.

TAGS: Fabrication
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