Clean Air Power to produce natural gas/diesel engines for Euro markets

San Diego-based Clean Air Power has formed Clean Air Power Ltd. to produce and market Clean Air's Dual-Fuel system for UK and European markets. Systems will be produced in a new Leyland, UK facility. Dual-Fuel technology allows diesel engines to operate on natural gas and diesel fuel simultaneously, achieving gas/diesel substitution rates and lower emissions, while maintaining diesel engine performance, company officials said. In cooperation with Foden Trucks, a division of Paccar UK, Clean Air specifically designed its Dual-Fuel system for Foden's Alpha Range of heavy-goods trucks. Clean Air Power officials claim to have the only company that offers a Euro 4-compliant heavy-duty diesel engine. Since introducing its Dual-Fuel technology to the UK market in 2003, more than 100 Dual-Fuel conversions have been completed for customers including William West Transport, LondonWaste, ACC Distribution (Co-op), Warburtons, and Charnwood Truck Services.The Energy Savings Trust (EST), a UK-government-funded organization set up to achieve the sustainable and efficient use of energy in the UK, currently gives a 60 percent rebate to truck owners who purchase Dual-Fuel installations in the 2003 fiscal year. The EST has indicated that rebates will be available for the 2004 fiscal year which starts in April.

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