Clean Air Partners makes LNG history in LA

Clean Air Partners (CAP) and the City of Los Angeles CA have created a 130-unit fleet of liquefied natural gas (LNG) municipal refuse trucks — the largest in the United States.

In 2001, LA ordered 10 trucks powered by CAP's proprietary and patented Dual-Fuel systems. One year later, with the original 10 trucks still in operation, LA decided to order another 120 trucks equipped with CAP Dual-Fuel technology engines.

CAP will deliver 120 Caterpillar C10 on-highway truck engines equipped with its patented Dual-Fuel technology, through Caterpillar dealers Power Systems Associates (PSA) and Rush Peterbilt of Pico Rivera CA. The new trucks will be equipped with the C10 engines, which produce 315 brake horsepower (bhp) and 1,050 ft-lb of torque. While burning 85% natural gas (for power) and 15% diesel fuel (as a liquid spark plug), Dual-Fuel technology engines provide up to a 50% reduction in emissions without sacrificing diesel-like performance.

LA's original 10 trucks rely on mobile fueling. However, plans are underway for a permanent LNG station in the San Fernando Valley area.

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