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Claw designed for Easy Cover tarp system

Aero Industries Inc has introduced a new accessory for its Easy Cover tarp system.

Known as the Claw, the new option features two mechanical hooks integrated onto the cross arm of the Easy Cover tarp system. Steel posts are mounted on the rear of the dump truck body, which allows the Claw to lock the tarp arm hold-down in place, securing the arms tightly against the tailgate. Preventing bouncing from wind and rough terrain virtually eliminates premature wear on dump bodies and tarp systems. It's simple, affordable, and effective.

The Claw tarp arm hold down is available as an upgrade to the Easy Cover tarp system and can be retrofitted onto most older Easy Cover models with aluminum arms.

To find out more, contact Aero Industries toll free at 1-800-535-9545 or visit on the web at

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