Class 8 Orders Up 19% Over February

Class 8 commercial vehicles net orders for the North American markets totaled 28,900 units (not SA) in March, a 19.9% increase over February, according to ACT Research Company, LLC.

Given current production levels, this strong order volume pushed the Class 8 heavy-duty backlog to almost 108,000 units at month-end. Class 8 backlog is now almost 150% above the same time last year, reaching a level not seen since December 2006. The pace of general economic growth supports this strength in Class 8 demand.

“For the past six months, Class 8 orders have been booked at over 300,000 units on an annualized basis,” according to Frank Maly, Director CV Transportation Analysis & Research at ACT. “Backlogs continue to grow, as strengthening orders outpace production increases. Further improvement in production levels will definitely occur as we proceed through 2011.”

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