Civacon provides 2-Wire ROMLink sensor

Civacon offers the new 2-Wire ROMLink “Plug-N-Play” optic overfill sensor. This sensor features enhanced electronics located in the cap, joined by a modulator connector to the sensing tube that contains only the optic head. By locating the electronics in the cap, the height of the sensing tube needs to be set only once. In addition, the newly designed one-piece Pyrex glass prism and sensing devices in the sensing tube should never need to be replaced.

The 2-Wire ROMLink sensor has also been designed with ease of maintenance in mind. Should the sensor's electronics ever need service, maintenance is simply a matter of removing the cap, unplugging the connector, and plugging in a new cap assembly, all without the need of tools. Plus, any maintenance required will not affect the sensing height or the compartment's vapor-tight integrity. These features and benefits are also available in the 5-Wire ROMLink optic overfill sensor.

Other features of the 2-Wire sensor include digital electronics with temperature-stabilized potting; dual O-ring seals for improved sensor-tube-to-housing sealing; zero glue or adhesive construction; a new housing and molded non-corrosive cap design; tamper-evident cap to prevent sensor-height tampering; approval to North American regulating standards; operating temperatures between -40° to 160° F (-40 °to 71.1 °C); and storage temperatures from -70 °to 290 °F (-55.6 °to 137.7 °C). For more information, visit

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