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Civacon Enhances Gravity Coupler Assembly

Combining a redesigned 871A gravity coupler with its 634B aluminum cap, Civacon has introduced its new 871A-W059 gravity coupler assembly. Enhanced features of the new 871A-W059 assembly include slotted cam arms for tamperproof applications, chrome-plated chains, and heavy-duty chain lugs.

Recently redesigned, the 871A coupler mates with standard 4" tank adapters. Additional features include:

- An enhanced "lip" design in the 12-o'clock position that centers the coupler with an API adapter for a solid connection that's easier to handle and operate.

- A hose connection end angled at 15ø downward for improved drainage.

- Light, yet durable aluminum body with a choice of Buna-N or Viton seals.

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