City of North Las Vegas gets AuraGen Sprinter Van

Aura Systems Inc. announced that the first delivery of an AuraGen-equipped Dodge Sprinter Van to the Crime Scene Investigation unit (CSI) of the police department of the City of North Las Vegas.

"We are very pleased to begin fielding and responding to the numerous requests for AuraGen Sprinter Van applications," said Neal Meehan, Chairman and CEO of Aura Systems, Inc. "There is a strong demand for this vehicle especially for First Responders with the need for specialized equipment including, emergency, command and communications, and surveillance vehicles. With the capability to provide clean power for sensitive electronic equipment and auxiliary air conditioners, the AuraGen has proven to be the perfect solution for this growing market."

Rick Trimble, the City's fleet operations manager, commented, "It's quite impressive to have an 8.5KW on-board AC power source without using a single cubic inch of cabin or cargo space. This system is invisible to the user and will power all the search lights, instrumentation, computers and tools needed for a fully functional mobile CSI lab.

"The AuraGen will enable us to use this CSI vehicle in remote areas, day or night and in all weather conditions, which is often critical to conducting successful investigations."

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