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Circular Cold Saw Cuts Multiple Lengths

Scotchman Industries' newest circular cold saw, Model CPO 315 RFA/BL PGR, is an automatic, roller-feed saw that can produce up to four separate lengths from the same piece of stock. Desired lengths are programmed with the touch keypad of the operator control station, and length stops are set by a ball screw positioning system.

This programmable model is complete with a 6,000-lb-capacity bundle loaded roller feed supply table that accommodates raw stock lengths up to 24 feet and bundles up to 20 inches in diameter. Ferrous and nonferrous models are available, and are capable of high-speed production with accurate burr-free cutting of round, square, and rectangular tubes and solids. For full details, contact Scotchman, PO Box 850, Philip SD 57567.

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