Chereau optimizes urban distribution truck

THE TECNOGAM 247 by Chereau is the largest urban distribution truck that can make daylight deliveries inside the central city in most countries. It is equipped to comply with size restrictions and physical limitations as well as sound regulations.

Because most deliveries are at curbside, the body has two side doors, and both of them are sliding insulated doors to reduce congestion in pedestrian areas. At the rear is an insulated elevating tailgate that also encloses the rear opening to a height of two meters (79"). It overlaps the insulated flap that encloses the top portion of the rear opening. Plastic strip curtains are in place at all three door openings.

The Chereau bodywork is of seamless polyester sandwich construction with a core of HCFC-free polyurethane foam, which is important to meet legal requirements. The floor also is of sandwich construction with an anti-skid, low-noise polyester surface. Inside length of the body is 8,800 mm (28.9 ft). Inside width is 2,470 mm (97¼") and height is 2,250 mm (88.6").

This big body is mounted on a Mercedes-Benz Atego chassis rated at 19 tonnes (41,900 lb). Wheelbase is 6,000 mm (236").

The new low-noise Carrier Supra Silent 850 provides refrigeration. The recently introduced Supra Silent reduces noise emissions by 4 dBA without losing any of its temperature management qualities. That translates into a 60% reduction in the noise that reaches the human ear. A new exhaust system and air filter combine with new sound insulating materials from the aerospace industry to reduce the noise level.

Rated for operations with frozen foods, the Carrier Supra Silent 850 and the Chereau Tecnogam body can be configured to provide dual temperature capability. Jean Chereau SAS, BP 700, F-50307 Avranches Cedex, France.

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