Chemique adds Saba Sealtack adhesives

Chemique Adhesives Inc announces the addition of the Saba Sealtack range of adhesives to its American offerings. The range — Sealtack 700, 750, and 780 — serves primarily for bonding and sealing of trucks, coachwork, containers, RVs, and buses, but also works on ventilation and air-conditioning, electro-technology, equipment assembly, metal and tin processing, and plastics technology.

Besides being free of solvents, isocyanates, and silicones, the Sealtack products have many other special properties. The entire Sealtack range offers primerless adhesion to many surfaces, fast drying, minimal shrinkage, no blistering, UV stability, and high temperature resistance. The adhesives are almost odorless and can be painted wet-on-wet (if possible after skin forming) with one- and two-component finishing paint systems.

Sealtack 700, a universal sealant that seals seams, overlaps, and joints for inside and outside applications, also creates light bondings and short fiber drawing. Sealtack 750, a construction sealant for applications when a simple joining of materials has to be guaranteed, also offers high-end tack as well as easy bonding and modeling of frames, profiles, and plates. Sealtack 780, a high-viscosity construction sealant and adhesive, is for applications such as edge sealings and roofs in coachwork and container construction. It also features high viscosity and green strength, short fiber drawing, high-initial and end tack, and fungicidal properties.

For more information, visit or call 770-451-2904.

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