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Chariot Manufacturing announces new market for its trailers

American Commerce Solutions, Inc. today announced that its subsidiary, Chariot Manufacturing Company, Inc., is developing a trailer specifically designed for the landscape business.

Chariot president Steven D. Smith the trailer will provide landscape contractors with features that will fit their specific application — including large concession-type outside doors that can be locked for security, yet provide easy access to compartments where trimmers and other smaller tools can be stowed.

“This means the contractor does not have to climb over other equipment to get to the tool they need,” he said. “The Chariot Trailer will be much lighter than its competitive counterpart and more durable. Cost of the trailer for this market will not be as much a factor because we can offer a third-party leasing program. The landscape contractor can also package other equipment or even vehicles under the same lease plan. For business owners in this type of market, price is not as much an issue as cash flow. As long as the lease plan fits their cash flow, the contractor can have a much more tailored, efficient and useful tool."

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