CDs assist forging buyers, design engineers

The Forging Industry Association (FIA) is providing its new 2004 Custom Forging Capability Guide for the first time on CD-ROM. It is intended to assist designers and buyers of forgings in locating reputable suppliers in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

This guide has details on most North American custom forging producer plants, including location, major equipment and size ratings, weight capabilities, other forging capabilities, and metals processed. A “Special Capabilities” column further defines forging company capabilities, making it easier for customers to select prospective sources.

The CD also contains several new features not available in the previously printed versions: keyword search; quick search by company, material, or process; and a direct link to the “Request for Quote” section of the FIA web site.

A searchable version of this guide is available free of charge on FIA's web site: Click on “Buyers Guide.”

The Forging Advantage CD, also free of charge, presents the forging process in a fast-paced, easily understood format. Always on screen will be a Learning Library linking the user to the fundamentals of forging. The CD may be used in a logical “drill down” progression, enabling users to seek more depth and breadth of information if they desire.

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