CD shows how Torch Wear beats the heat

Torch Wear's new line of functional, heat-resistant protective clothing is demonstrated in a free CD. The clothing, designed for welding and other high-heat applications, is made of Torch Wear fabric. The five-minute video shows examples of potential “thermal disasters” and how Torch Wear clothing can protect welders and others exposed to extreme heat while working.

Torch Wear fabric protects while being comfortable enough to wear next to the skin. When exposed to intense heat or flame, the fibers will carbonize and then expand, reducing oxygen content within the fabric. This fabric will not char, shrink, or burn when exposed to heat and flame. It is not a chemically treated material; it is a yarn created by spinning oxidized polyacrylonitrile fiber with an Ararnid strengthening agent.

The Torch Wear line of protective clothing includes overalls, aprons, and coats; a forearm sleeve and heat sink pads are available. Overalls and coats come in SM through XXL sizes, with XXXL and XXXXL provided by special order.

For complete details, e-mail [email protected].

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