CD Explains Compressed-Air Treatments

The “Compressed Air Treatment Solutions” CD from Van Air Systems Inc contains tools for those who specify, design, operate, or work with compressed air systems. It helps users select dryer and filter models, see relationships between air system parameters, determine the amount of water a particular treatment system will remove, and understand air treatment principles.

Included is a dew point calculator that instantly shows relationships between dew points, volume rates, pressures, and water removal amounts from compressor inlet to drying system outlet. A product sizing calculator automatically determines standard Van Air model numbers based on input of maximum flow and pressure, plus inlet temperature to the dryer.

A videotape, “The Why, How, and Where of Water in Your Compressed Air,” explains dew point, compression ratio, and approach temperature. Also included are a water equivalents calculator and product catalog. For more information, contact Van Air, 2950 Mechanic St, Lake City PA 16423-2095.

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