CD contains Vehicle Dynamics Technology set

The 2002 edition of the SAE Vehicle Dynamics Technology Collection on CD-ROM is available from the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) International.

This CD contains more than 2,100 full-text SAE technical papers on vehicle dynamics. Historical papers from 1967-1990 have been added, and it also has papers from SAE's 2002 World Congress, as well as the Automotive Dynamics and Stability Conference and Exhibition. The CD includes searchable citations and detailed abstracts linked to documents in PDF format.

Information is covered related to the motion of trucks, off-highway vehicles, and cars. Topics include adaptive cruise control, aerodynamics body design and testing, braking systems, computational fluid dynamics, cornering, traction control, and vehicle handling. For prices or a copy of a free demo, phone 724-772-7144 or e-mail [email protected]. Additional information can be found at

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