Catalog Serves as Welding Industry Resource

The American Welding Society's new 2001 catalog features specifications, standards, recommended practices, and training materials for managing welding operations, processes selection, welding applications, and inspection. Titles include:

  • Automotive Welding Quality — Recommended Practices for Welding — developed jointly by AWS and the Society of Automotive Engineers to assist automotive parts suppliers, and includes tables and a quality checklist.

  • The AWS Welding Handbook — newest edition in the series, more than 600 pages of reference for engineers, metallurgists, and inspectors.

  • Specification for Automotive and Light-Truck Welding: Arc Welding — defines tolerances needed for good welds and includes a section on welding uncoated carbon steels.

The catalog also has hundreds of other titles to help train new personnel, study for certification exams, and increase profitability and productivity of welding operations.

This catalog is available by phoning 800-443-9353 (305-443-9353 outside the United States). AWS products can be ordered by phoning 800-854-7179 or accessing

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