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Cat Unveils 777G Off-Highway Truck

Cat has introduced its 777G Off-Highway Truck, which achieves greater production with 7% more torque powering work than the 777F, plus new transmission controls that produce quick haul cycles with automotive quality shifting.

The production increases are balanced with new fuel saving strategies that include configurable economy settings as well as an adaptive economy mode that automatically optimizes fuel consumption based on the user’s production baseline. Fuel savings also are realized behind the scenes through features such as auto neutral idle and APECS transmission controls where the truck becomes more fuel efficient at idle in a forward gear and when climbing grades. Customers can choose to engage features like Engine Idle Shutdown and speed limiting to further improve fuel savings.

In addition to its fuel efficiency, the 777G is quieter and produces fewer emissions. Caterpillar is introducing its U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final solution on the 777G two years in advance of the effective date of the regulation, which provides customers an opportunity to advance their sustainability goals.

The solution is both simple and robust and includes engine technology combined with diesel oxidation catalysts. It requires the use of ultra low-sulfur diesel fuel and low ash engine oil, but requires no additional maintenance or operator input. For operations outside of areas regulated by the U.S. EPA, the 777G reduces emissions with Tier 2 or EU Stage II equivalent technology and fuel efficiency.

Caterpillar has enhanced braking and traction control for G Series. Hydraulic oil-immersed disc brakes are now standard on all four corners of the truck. The system design increases slope holding capability and provides fade resistant, responsive braking performance. Design updates extend brake component life by increasing the force used to disengage the brakes. The optional Cat engine brake can extend service brake life and integrates with Automatic Retarder Control, enabling fast downhill travel and reduced cycle times.

The new parking brake system actuates the front brakes as well as the rear for solidly holding the truck on a slope. In addition to brake performance updates, the traction control system on the 777G is now able to differentiate between tire spin and high speed turns so it now can activate at lower speeds. The system now uses the hydraulically applied service brakes for improved response time and modulation from one wheel group to the other.

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