Carrier Transicold adds X2 series models

Carrier Transicold has introduced two new models in its X2 series of trailer refrigeration units: the 2500 APX and 2100 APX. Both feature the APX control system as well as a comprehensive warranty.

With the APX control system, Carrier Transicold combines distributed, modular electronics for enhanced reliability, serviceability, and expandability; an easy-to-use driver interface with bright graphic display; and USB connectivity for fast, convenient data transfers.

One of the APX control system's signature features is its relatively large display module with an illuminated information dashboard and simplified user interface. With fewer keystrokes, this interface displays five times the information of other equipment. The new refrigeration units are also the first from Carrier Transicold to offer the IntelliSet control application as a standard feature.

The warranty for 2500 APX and 2100 APX units includes 60-month/10,000-hour coverage for the microprocessor module. The 60-month warranty also covers electronic control modules and the clutch assembly. Major component coverage improves on Carrier's standard X2 series warranty by one year, providing 48-month/8,000-hour protection for the engine, compressor, gearbox, refrigeration coils, suction modulation valve, control display, fan shaft, and solenoid valves. Carrier's 48-month warranty also includes the engine fuel system and refrigeration valves.

With the roll-out of APX production models, Carrier now offers four X2 series units for refrigerated transport: The 2500 APX and 2100 APX, and the 2500 Advance and 2100 Advance units, distinguished by their control systems and capacities.

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