CARB Extends Deadline for Greenhouse Gas Reporting

The California Air Resources Board has extended the reporting deadline to September 1 for its greenhouse gas tractor-trailer regulation so that small fleets can take advantage of flexibility options.

The two-month extension pertains to owners of 20 or fewer 2010 and older model year 53-foot or longer box-type trailers that operate on California highways. Small fleets can include both dry and refrigerated van trailers.

“While we have granted businesses more time to report their data, we are still encouraging owners to register as soon as they have gathered the necessary information,” said Stephan Lemieux, manager of ARB’s on-road heavy-duty diesel section. “We have made the process as user-friendly as possible, so there is no reason to put it off until the last minute.”

Small fleet owners of 2010 and older model year trailers may choose one of two methods to bring their trailer fleets into compliance. The deadline extension applies to the second option, below.

Owners can:

Ensure their fleet is equipped with United States Environmental Protection Agency “SmartWay” verified aerodynamic equipment on their trailers, including side skirts and trailer tails, by January 1, 2013. Or they may report by September 1, 2012, to take advantage of the optional phase-in plan, which allows small fleets up to four years to comply.

Regardless of which method owners choose, they must also install fuel efficient, low-rolling resistance tires on their trailer fleets by January 1, 2017. For a list of accepted SmartWay verified equipment and to learn more about the SmartWay program, fleet owners can visit U.S. EPA SmartWay Equipment.

To report online at Tractor-Trailer GHG Reporting, owners will need to have some key information handy, including the trailer vehicle identification numbers, makes and model years, and license plate numbers. For refrigerated van trailers, the transport refrigeration unit (TRU) model year and engine model year are both required.

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