Ron Yarnell PPG Industries left and NATM President Gary Potter right present this yearrsquos NATM Green Award to Mr and Mrs Greg Snyder of Car Mate Trailers

Ron Yarnell, PPG Industries, left, and NATM President Gary Potter, right, present this year’s NATM Green Award to Mr. and Mrs. Greg Snyder of Car Mate Trailers.

Car Mate gets the green

Car Mate Trailers of Leeper, Pennsylvania, won this year's Green Manufacturing Award.

The award, an NATM partnership with PPG Industries, is presented to an NATM trailer manufacturing member to recognize the best innovation or novel solutions by a manufacturer in our industry to positively impact our environment.

Car Mate's “green” efforts include:

  • Installation of an environmentally friendly 100% recycling pretreatment paint wash system devised by a fellow NATM member.

  • Replaced 100% of their lighting and fixtures to the more efficient T-5 and T-8 florescent fixtures.

  • Replaced or installed building heaters to an almost 100% efficient radiant type heating system.

  • Recycling or repurposing all aluminum, steel, wood and cardboard byproducts down to the aluminum soda cans and the packaging materials and pallets.

  • Replaced the standard 12 volt trailer lighting to 100% LED lighting, including using new energy efficient florescent and LED's for their high voltage lighting options.

  • Car Mate Trailers has contracted Penn State University to survey all building heat losses with thermal imaging cameras. This documentation and analysis shows necessary areas of improvement and several steps have been taken to eliminate these minor troublesome spots.

  • They have taken steps to improve their manufacturing facility and office buildings with energy saving specialty roof coatings for the maximization of reflectivity and reduction of heat losses.

  • Installation of energy efficient compressors, time delay relays on electric pump, and timers on their exhaust equipment to reduce the electric usage and to help minimize ‘The Grid’ demand.

  • Designed and installed custom ductwork, fans, thermostats and equipment to utilize the wasted energy created by manufacturing equipment and compressors.

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