Cambridge University/CVDC will conduct event focusing on heavy-vehicle dynamics

England's Cambridge University and the Cambridge Vehicle Dynamics Consortium (CVDC) will present a four-day event focused on the dynamics of heavy-goods vehicles. This event will run from March 29 to April 1, 2004, and will be led by two researchers in heavy-vehicle dynamics: Chris Winkler and Paul Fancher.

The event will include a course on heavy-truck dynamics, hardware and software demonstrations, and hands-on computer exercises. Participants will also have a chance to tour the Cambridge laboratories and see a demonstration of the CVDC computer-controlled experimental vehicle. Besides engineers involved in vehicle dynamics, this event is intended for those engaged in truck design, truck equipment selection, fleet safety operations, accident reconstruction, development of truck safety standards, and highway/truck interactions.

The event fee is £1200, and includes a copy of the course manual covering all aspects of heavy-vehicle dynamics. Accommodation is offered at Queens' College in the Cambridge City Centre on the river Cam.

Further information and registration forms can be downloaded from the CVDC web site at, or e-mail Frank Kienhöfer at [email protected].

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