Business Session to Focus on Roadblocks in Distributor-Manufacturer Relations

NO NEED TO TELL it to the judge if the marriage can be saved. How to avoid the 10 most common pitfalls of the manufacturer-distributor partnership will be presented in a business session entitled "Overcoming Roadblocks in Distributor-Manufacturer Relations." The session will take place from 2:45 to 5 pm on Thursday, February 25.

The session takes a look at how manufacturers and distributors in the commercial truck body and equipment industry can work together to improve their relationships.

Robert Nadeau, director of research for the Industrial Performance Group, Northfield IL, will lead the discussion and present research his company conducted earlier this year on NTEA member companies.

The Industrial Performance Group specializes in working with manufacturers that rely on distributors for the sale of their products.

Before joining the Industrial Performance Group, Nadeau served in a similar capacity with Communications Research and Development, a training and change management company in Chicago. He is a specialist in organizational development and received a master's degree from Loyola University.

The Industrial Performance Group recently conducted a survey of NTEA manufacturer members to determine the quality of manufacturer-distributor relationships in the commercial truck and transportation equipment industry, and how they compare with relationships in other industries.

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