Bulletin on PTO switch released by GM Isuzu

GM Isuzu Commercial Truck has issued a PTO (power take-off) switch bulletin to advise final manufacturers of additional parts required for accessing in-cab control engine ECM capabilities and methods for accessing these capabilities. Models affected are the 2005 Isuzu and General Motors models NPR/W3500, NPR-HD/W4500, NQR/W5500, and NRR/W5500-HD.

Additional parts requirements for access of this capability from inside the cab — The Isuzu body builder CD and GM web site illustrated the switch, but did not list the part number. From the factory, order PTO Enable Switch (part #8-97375265-0) order code IL9. From the dealer parts department, order PTO Enable Switch, Isuzu part #8-97375265-0, GM part #97375265.

Methods for accessing these capabilities — The factory-preset capabilities can be accessed by installation of the PTO Enable Switch. This switch can be installed at the factory, at the local Isuzu or GM medium-duty dealer, or by the final manufacturer. Once installed, the switch allows access to the two-factory-preset idle-up rpms via the dash-mounted cruise control switches.

Engine ECM capabilities — Engine ECM capabilities are described in the 2005 Model Year GMC/Chevrolet/lsuzu Body Builders Guide CD. The same information will be available on the GM Upfitters web site (www.gmupfitter.com) under the 2005-model-year W series product. The information is in the electrical section of these guides under the heading “2005 PTO Section for the 4HK- 1TC Engine (IL5),” pages 282 — 299.

For additional information, contact: Hank Needle, General Motors Isuzu Commercial Truck, 5730 Glenridge Dr, Atlanta GA; phone 404-257-3013.

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