Brown Cargo Van goes green with reefer bodies

Brown Cargo Van has revamped its reefer product line, and it's green. In summer 2009, the company began building eco-friendly custom refrigerated bodies, known in the industry as reefers, at its plant in Lawrence KS.

“The new reefers, based on the latest in foam technology, respond to our customers' needs for a green product,” said Dane Jennison, Brown Cargo Van president.

Ecomate from Foam Supplies Inc of St Louis MO is the new foam. Based on methyl formate chemistry and responding to governmental mandates, this foam is hygienically safe, thermally efficient, recyclable, biodegradable, and non-corrosive to equipment and end products. It has zero global warming potential, zero ozone-depletion potential, and is free of volatile organic compounds (VOC).

“Absolutely the foaming process is different from what used to be standard,” said Ron Thomson, sales director of Brown Cargo Van. “We also have an excellent construction method, built in a clamp so the sides are straight and true.”

Instead of starting with a dry van design, the new van is manufactured as a reefer “from the ground up,” Thomson said. It offers new technology and better construction methods.

“Inside the wall clamp we use a pumped-in foam process that expands in volume to fill all voids before it sets up. We offer many different options for interior liners, floors and more,” he said.

Dairies and school districts — as well as fruit, meat, seafood, produce, and ice cream companies — have bought Brown reefers. Non-food customers include greenhouses, nurseries, and delivery companies such as Fed-Ex contractors, which have purchased climate-controlled units to transport sensitive commodities nationwide.

Like other Brown bodies, the reefer is eco-friendly. A high percentage of its parts are recyclable. Reefers are equipped with extruded front ends and recessed LED (light-emitting diode) lights. Various safety and efficiency options are provided on the reefers and all Brown bodies.

For complete information, visit or phone 800-255-6827.

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