Bronto Skylift offers rescue ladder platform

Bronto Skylift, a subsidiary of Federal Signal Corp, has introduced its new F100 RLP (Rescue Ladder Platform), which incorporates these features:

  • Telescoping and articulating functions capable of 100 feet of vertical reach and 88 feet of horizontal side reach. The articulating upper boom has a swing area of about 180°.

  • A four-sided closed boom design made from 90,000 psi steel. The boom is painted inside and out to eliminate rusting, and the end remains open for ease of maintenance.

  • An NFPA-rated ladder that is maintenance-free with no painting or rung covers required.

  • Aerial booms are self-lubricating and require no lubrication.

  • The platform has a 1,000-pound personnel rating and a 210-lb equipment allowance; plus, the platform swivels 45° each side, 90° total. The platform has a 21-square-foot work space inside, with an additional slip-resistant extension on the front.

  • The F100 RLP has an automatic stabilizer leveling system that allows for aerial set-up in as little as 40 seconds in the industry and a smooth aerial operating control system.

The truck carries 300 gallons of water, has enclosed storage space for 115 feet of ground ladders, and provides 140 cubic feet of compartment space. There are two 1.75" crosslays, one 2.5" crosslay, a hose bed, and a 2,000-gpm water pump as standard.

The entire package is mounted on an E-One Cyclone II chassis with a 230" wheelbase and approximate 40-ft overall length (with no front or rear platform overhang). A standard Raydan air-ride suspension is on the rear axle. For more details, contact Emergency One Inc, PO Box 2710, Ocala FL 34478.

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