Brochure Outlines Koike Aronson Capabilities

Koike Aronson Inc provides a new four-color brochure, Advancing the Arts of Metal Cutting and Positioning. The eight-page publication describes the firm's design, manufacturing, and service capabilities in small and large cutting machines, CNC thermal cutting systems, and welding positioners and manipulators.

The brochure summarizes the company's history and primary product lines. These include: welding positioners, turntables, turning rolls, and welding head manipulators; portable cutting machines and welding carriages; and oxy-fuel, plasma, and laser CNC cutting systems. Koike Aronson's network of sales, service, and warehouse centers also is discussed.

For a copy of the brochure, contact Koike Aronson, 635 W Main St, Arcade NY 14009.

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