Brochure highlights Kenworth AG130

The new Kenworth AG130 Front Air Suspension brochure is available from Kenworth dealers in the United States and Canada. This brochure features the AG130, a new generation of front air suspension that utilizes an innovative design, advanced technology, and high-performance components.

Available in 12,000- and 13,200-lb. ratings for the Kenworth T660, T800, and T2000 Class 8 models, the AG130 features a four-bag spring configuration where other competitive systems typically offer two. With two air bags per side designed to handle 75 percent of the vertical load and a lower leaf spring to handle the rest, the AG130 reduces vibration into the cab and chassis, helping to reduce driver fatigue and chassis maintenance. The AG130 also is 20 pounds lighter than traditional 12,000-lb. rated, taperleaf front-end suspensions.

Other features include low maintenance bushings, a single valve to control both leveling and height adjustment, and simpler maintenance with easy access through an air spring retention clip for quick airbag replacement.

Acces for more information.

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