Bridgestone/Firestone rolls out truck tire trio

The newest truck tires from Bridgestone/Firestone North American Tire LLC are a Firestone radial for high-scrub applications and two Dayton radials, one for urban service and the other for on/off-highway use. The Firestone FS560 PLUS features an all-position design and is aimed at “high-scrub urban use,” such as for on-highway refuse haulers as well as construction and P&D vehicles. It has a 19/32nds depth for long original tread life and a solid shoulder design to help fight the turning and maneuvering scrub forces that short-haul and urban applications tend to inflict on tires, said the maker. In addition, multiple cross-rib sipes and wide, deep “flow-through” groves evacuate water efficiently from the footprint for precise traction.The scrub-resistant tire is offered in standard and low-profile sizes with G and H load ratings for 22.5- and 24.5-in. wheels. The Dayton “Radial Metro All-Position” tire is designed for regional/urban use on Class 6-8 trucks. It features an all-position design, deep tread for long original life, high scrub resistance and superb wet traction, according to the manufacturer. The tire is available in standard and low-pro sizes with G and H ratings for 22.5- and 24.5-in. wheels. The Dayton “On/Off-Highway All-Position” tire is a heavy-duty all-position radial for Class 6-8 trucks used in construction, logging refuse and other severe-service applications. It features a deep 19/32nds tread depth for long original mileage and a combination rib/lug design with an aggressive “U-lug” shoulder provides very high traction on soft surfaces, the maker noted. The tire sis available in standard profile sizes with an H rating for 22-5- and 24.5-in. wheels.

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