Brazilian Truck Expo Highlights Trends

FENATRAN '99, Brazil's national truck and trailer show, unveiled new products and underscored trends November 8-11 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Perhaps the two most noticeable trends seen at the exhibition were the popularity of intermodal equipment and the proliferation of B-trains. Privatization of the Brazilian rail system has created opportunities in intermodal transportation, and several manufacturers exhibited products to enable trailers to ride the roads or the rails.

B-trains also are becoming more popular. Regulations provide for two lengths of road trains. Those ranging in length from 65 feet to 98 feet are restricted to daytime operations, but those shorter than 65 feet are allowed to operate at night. The trains can handle higher payloads-up to 147,700 pounds for a 90-foot-long combination.

Fenatran (Feira Nacional dos Transportes) is held every two years. The most recent show attracted almost 29,000 visitors from 15 countries. The next show is scheduled for late October or early November 2001 at the Anhembi Pabellon de Exposiciones in Sao Paulo.

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