Bostik 1150FS Adhesive Cures Totally in 36 Hours

Bostik introduces the 1150 Fast Set (FS), a new one-component, gun-grade urethane sealant/adhesive formulated with non-sag properties. It can be used in applications where large bead or joint configurations are needed.

The 1150FS adhesive/sealant cures by reacting with atmospheric moisture to form a tough, flexible seal. At 77 F, the product is tack-free in 90 minutes and cures fully in 36 hours. Other physical properties of 1150FS include 270-psi tensile strength, 870% elongation, and a 43 Shore A hardness value.

Gun-grade Bostik 1150FS is available in 20-fluid ounce sausage packs that let workers in production and assembly jobs manually dispense more sealant with less-frequent reloading. Sealant from the sausage packs can be dispensed with a pneumatic applicator equipped with interchangeable nozzles.

As an alternative, 1130FS can be supplied in five-gallon pails to be used with bulk dispensing equipment. For further information, contact Bostik, 211 Boston St, Middleton MA 01949-2128.

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