Boss Snowplow Unveils Hitch System, Light Package; Trip-Edge Plow Line Expands

The Boss Snowplow has introduced several new products.

Its new SmartHitch2 system can be hooked up in three steps: connect two electrical plugs, set the lockpin levers to “on,” and a flip of a switch activates hydraulics automatically lifting the light tower into position while attaching the plow to the truck. SmartHitch2 is just as easy to detach.

SmartLight, a new plow light package, projects light wider and further out in front of the vehicle. This product features a custom-designed composite light with dual halogen bulbs. Reflective surfaces are optimized for maximum width and distance from each halogen bulb, whether on high or low beams. The High-Intensity Discharge (HID) option will provide up to six times the light output of a typical snowplow light. SmartLight also has an antiglare shield.

Boss is expanding its line of trip-edge plows to four sizes including a 7' 6" Standard-Duty, 7' 6" Super Duty, and 9' Super-Duty plow in addition to the original 8' Super-Duty model. The 7' 6", 8', and 9' Super-Duty plows come standard with the SmartHitch2 mounting system. The 7' 6" Standard-Duty model comes standard with the Boss RT3 quick-hitch system; SmartHitch2 is available as an option. All four Trip-Edge plows come standard with a joystick control; the SmartTouch handheld control is an option for all models.

Designed for half-ton trucks, the new Boss 7' 6" Standard-Duty straight-blade plow features a high-strength steel moldboard, which helps reduce plow weight to 625 pounds. An optimized blade curl allows snow to roll away quickly and efficiently.

A powder-coat paint finish protects the blade against wear and rust. This plow comes standard with the RT3 system and can be optionally upgraded to SmartHitch2. A joystick control unit is standard with the plow; the SmartTouch handheld control is an option. For more details on these products, contact Boss, PO Box 788, Iron Mountain MI 49801-0788.

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