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Boss mini tailgate spreader easy to attach and detach

Boss Snowplow now offers a mini tailgate spreader that requires little to no physical effort to attach or detach — whether the spreader is full or empty. The SmartHitch 1100 mini tailgate spreader is designed to spread dry, free-flowing materials such as salt and other deicers effortlessly.

The SmartHitch power on/off feature allows the operator to attach the tailgate spreader by backing up to it, aligning the undercarriage with the spreader, stepping out of the cab, and flipping a switch. With this feature, the operator can also easily detach the spreader when the project is complete or to access the back of the truck. One person can easily attach or detach the spreader if the hopper is full or empty.

Other standard features of this spreader include:

  • Variable speed control with blast feature — Adjusts the motor speed to control the amount of material flow and the distance the material is discharged from four to 30 feet. The blast feature can apply additional deicing material when required and help clear the hopper when an obstruction occurs.

  • Poly “adjustable” deflector — Allows the operator to adjust the pattern of material discharge.

  • Built-in Class #4 trailer hitch receiver — A trailer can be attached after detaching the spreader.

  • Polyethylene hopper with solid cover — The 11-cubic-foot hopper design allows for smooth material flow, has a solid poly cover to keep moisture out, and has a tubular leg stand that surrounds and protects the motor and spinner assembly.

  • Two-year parts and labor warranty

Optional equipment includes:

  • Adjustable feed gate — Adjusts the amount of material being dispensed.

  • Vibrator kit — Heavy-duty 12-volt motor with dual shaft output to keep material flowing.

  • Top screen with bag opener — The top screen is used to remove large chunks of material while filling the hopper. The bag splitter is used to open bags of deicing material.

For full details, contact Boss, PO Box 788, Iron Mountain MI 49801-0788.

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