Book Tells Wholesalers How to Boost Profits

A new book for wholesaler-distributors shows how to boost bottom-line profits through a more systematic and market-driven approach to pricing. The 167-page manual, Capturing Value: Pricing Management for Distributors, counsels wholesalers to develop a corporate-level, pricing-management function that focuses primarily on the varying types of customers served and their equally varying product and service needs.

Addressing supply-house owners and managers, the book offers instructions on how to build and maintain a market-driven pricing system, using information readily available to most companies. Capturing Value shows how to market and price the various services wholesalers provide. Authors Scott E Benfield and Jayne E Baynard also offer insights on:

  • How to bid vendor-managed inventory contracts.

  • How to avoid a pricing war and how to minimize the damages when you can't.

  • How to devise an e-commerce strategy based on “value-bundling,” which permits a customer to select — and pay for — only those services he truly needs.

To obtain copies of the book, contact Lisa Woodward, c/o Loran Nordgren & Co, 4 W Nebraska St, Frankfort IL 60423; e-mail [email protected]; phone 815-469-9100 ext 14; or fax 815-469-2555.

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