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Bludot offers vacuum/hydraulic brake kits

BluDot Inc introduces its vacuum/hydraulic brake systems for the 2004 market. The system offers manufacturers, assemblers, dealers, and distributors the flexibility of installation or upgrading any make or model of tow vehicle or trailer to vacuum/hydraulic brake system technology. The main advantages to the new BluDot vacuum/hydraulic system are its easy-to-install, belt-free electric vacuum pump. The patented design comes ready for installation with parts pre-packaged for the manufacturing or assembly line.

This vacuum brake system consists of three complete kits. The vacuum pump kit includes a 12-volt pump that can be installed into any model or make of truck without integration into the vehicle's fan belt system. A control valve mounts in the tow vehicle and synchronizes the trailer brakes with the tow vehicle brakes. It also permits smooth brake application. The vacuum/hydraulic trailer kit comes in four models to fit various trailer axle and weight configurations. This kit also includes a breakaway activating feature that doesn't require electric power to operate.

For more information, contact Bludot, 4335 Meghan Beeler Court, South Bend IN 46628.

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