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Bimba revises Automation Products catalog AP-8-3

Bimba Mfg Co has released the newly revised Automation Products catalog AP-803. The revision includes:

  • New section for Bimba's new Extruded Thruster product line. The Extruded Thruster is available in three basic models.

  • ET-extended shafts, four bushings

  • ETS-shafts flush, two bushings

  • ETD-double end, saddle mount

  • Revised PneuMoment section with an enhanced Drawing and Dimension section. The PneuMoment is designed for applications that have excessive moment or side loads.

  • Appendix with dowel pin option locations for Pneu-Turn, Ultran, and Linear Thruster products for use with Bimba's Transition Plates and multi-axis applications.

For more information, contact Bimba, PO Box 68, Monee IL 60449; phone 708-534-8544; fax 708-235-2014; or access the web site at

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