Bernard's spec sheets offered en espaol

In response to the growing demand for Spanish language product information, Bernard has translated all of its welding product specification sheets into Spanish. All information in the Spanish spec sheets correlates directly to the English spec sheets, allowing people who speak different languages to communicate with each other based on the same document.

Spec sheets contain product information such as amperage ratings, part numbers, and configuration options, as well as a variety of other information such as installation and operation tips and interchangeability with other brands.

In addition to its core MIG Gun and Centerfire consumables spec sheets, Bernard also offers spec sheets in Spanish and English for replacement necks, liners, and direct plug kits, as well as manual welding products and parts.

All spec sheets are available free as downloadable PDF documents, which makes it easy to print them or send them to associates electronically. The spec sheets are accessible at, or by clicking on the “Service” tab on the Bernard home page and scrolling down to the section titled “Spec Sheets.”

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