Bernard, Tregaskiss team up to launch new branding initiative

Bernard and Tregaskiss have partnered to launch a new branding initiative. As part of this initiative, several product lines will migrate between the two brands. Bernard will now offer only semi-automatic MIG guns, and the Tregaskiss brand will be focused exclusively on robotic MIG guns and peripherals. The change is effective immediately.

“Previously, both companies offered semi-automatic and robotic products, which tended to create confusion in the marketplace,” said Darren Grey, director of semi-automatic products, Bernard and Tregaskiss. “This strategic decision to simplify the brands will help eliminate unnecessary complexities for customers.”

Customers will still be able to configure a semi-automatic or robotic MIG gun online using the Bernard and Tregaskiss MIG gun configurators, respectively, at and

A Tregaskiss semi-automatic MIG guns will be rebranded under the Bernard name. For example, the Tregaskiss Tough Gun and TGX semi-automatic MIG guns will now be called Bernard T-Gun and Bernard TGX semi-automatic MIG guns, respectively. Similarly, all robotic MIG guns previously manufactured by Bernard will be made by and branded as Tregaskiss.

According to the companies, all semi-automatic and robotic MIG guns will continue to use their native consumables, regardless of the brand change.

Those with questions about the branding transition can contact Bernard customer service directly at 800-946-2281 or [email protected], or Tregaskiss customer service at 877-737-3111 or [email protected].

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