Bendix attains world-class levels of safety for 2003

Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC reached world-class safety levels in its operations in 2003, exceeding industry benchmarks in recordable injury rates and lost workday incident rates. The firm implemented a safety benchmarking study in 1992 that led to the development of a long-term vision for its own operations performance.

Workplace safety is measured annually in both Total Case Incident Rate (TCIR) and Lost Workday Case Incident Rate (LWDCIR). TCIR is the average number of work-related injuries incurred per 100 workers annually. LWDCIR records more serious injuries that result in one or more days lost from work for the impacted employee(s).

Premier companies operate at safety performance levels at or below 1.0 TCIR and 0.1 LWDCIR per 100 employees annually. In 2003, Bendix finished at 0.85 in recordable incidents per 100 employees, plus it completed its second straight year with zero lost workday incidents companywide.

Within the transportation equipment manufacturing segment, the average incident rate per 100 employees is 10.1; for lost workday incidents, it is 1.9, according to Bendix.

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