Beau-Roc's Diamond gleams with innovation

Beau-Roc has brought innovation to the dump body market with its newest body line, the Diamond. The Diamond body is built of Brinell 450 steel that has been shaped to increase its strength significantly compared with flat plate designs. The one-piece multifaceted sides allow the entire side to react to impact as a unit, not divided into smaller, less resilient rectangles. Use of crossmemberless, unibody design and high-strength materials eliminate any need for posts or horizontal bracing. The result of this engineering and design is a body that is profitably lighter and stronger. Like all Beau-Roc body models, the Diamond also has a one-piece smooth floor with integrated 50-degree side braces that does not allow load hangup. The Diamond also has a one-piece smooth tailgate which improves the longevity of the tailgate. The DH model also has a internal tailgate reinforcement to allow for heavy-duty use. All bearing surfaces are nitrated, and the entire body is continuously welded. The Diamond comes with a two-year body warranty and three-year parts warranty.

The Diamond line consists of the DL (Diamond Light Weight), the DH (Diamond Heavy Duty), and soon a single-axle version, the DLS, for the municipal and single-axle contractor market. For more information, phone Beau-Roc at 613-443-0044.

TAGS: Truck Bodies
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